How does it work?

You can start your FLLWME in 6 simple steps

 1: Order your FLLWME

2: Make a profile at

3: Download the app!

4: Customize your profile

5: Place your FLLWME on your phone

6: Start FLLW’ING

FLLWME features

You’ve seen how FLLWME works. But what can FLLWME do for you?

No app required

No need for people to download an app to start FLLW’ing you!

You choose what people FLLW

By editting your profile, you choose what you share. You can also choose to disable sharing or redirect your FLLW’ers to a page you choose.

Security and Privacy

We make sure your FLLWME account information is stored securely! FLLWME will never ask for your social media passwords.


No need for people to hold your phone and worry about the consequences.

Lasts a lifetime

Your FLLWME NCF tag works without batteries, is waterproof and it can last a lifetime!

Share your information fast!

Tap your phones and connect! It’s that simple!